Premier Tech Water and Environment partners performing service on the Ecoflo biofilter septic system on a residential property.

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Homes, businesses, and communities

Wastewater and septic system maintenance

Each year, our team inspects, maintains, and repairs more than 60,000 wastewater treatment systems around the world.

We offer a full suite of maintenance services, not only for the Ecoflo biofilter and other products we manufacture, but also for conventional septic systems and competing advanced technologies.

Premier Tech Water and Environment service partner maintaining the Ecoflo biofilter septic system in France.

Businesses and communities

Wastewater engineering, procurement, and construction

Our technical knowledge and industry relationships add value to every phase of a wastewater treatment project.

Trust our in-house engineers to find the best solution for your needs, then count on your dedicated project manager to troubleshoot the construction and commissioning of your system.

Engineering and technical experts checking the operation of a municipal wastewater treatment plant.

Homes, businesses, and communities

Septic parts and accessories

With our global network, we buy genuine parts and accessories at the lowest prices and pass the savings on to our clients.

Repair, refurbish, or customize your wastewater treatment or septic system with confidence when you choose from our field-tested and durable offerings.

Bionest and Premier Tech system parts