Septic tanks

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Our septic tanks are the solution of choice for primary wastewater treatment. Made of robust polyethylene, they have the durability you need to protect your property and the environment for a lifetime.

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Easy installation

Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre

Ideal for sites with limited access

Pre-assembled and ready to use

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Built to last

Leak-proof design

Robust polyethylene shells

Ribbed walls for added strength

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Thoughtful design

Compatible with any septic system

Integrated effluent filter

Childproof access covers


What is a septic tank?

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A septic tank receives and partially treats raw wastewater from properties not connected to municipal sewer lines.

Rewatec septic tanks are ideal for virtually any application. Quick to install, simple to use, and easy to maintain, these durable solutions give you reliable performance you can trust.

Where are our septic tanks used?

Rewatec septic tanks are most often solutions for:

  • primary residences
  • office buildings
  • restaurants
  • grocery stores
  • campgrounds and parks

How do our septic tanks work?

Primary treatment

Wastewater from the property runs into a main drainage pipe that flows into the septic tank. The septic tank’s job is simple: it allows wastewater to separate into three layers.

In the top layer, oils, greases, and fats float to the surface and form scum. In the bottom layer, solids settle on the bottom of the tank and form sludge. Both scum and sludge are removed by a septic pumper as often as needed.

Partially clarified liquids accumulate between the layers of scum and sludge. They exit the septic tank through a pipe with an integrated effluent filter. This filter – standard in all Rewatec septic tanks – captures suspended solids that could clog system components downstream.

Wastewater final dispersal

After primary treatment, wastewater is piped into one of the following:

Septic tank maintenance

Protect your investment in your Rewatec septic tank by having it regularly inspected and pumped by a qualified septic service professional.

The frequency of service depends on the size of your tank, the amount of wastewater your property generates, and the environmental regulations in your area. It is best to speak with a local septic professional to determine the service schedule that is right for you.

When your service provider visits your property to inspect your system, they should:

  • check for cracks and leaks in the tank
  • measure the scum and sludge layers
  • pump the septic tank, if needed
  • clean the effluent filter in the outlet pipe
  • keep and update maintenance records for your system
  • explain any areas of concern and recommend next steps

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