Premier Tech Water and Environment expert guiding a homeowner through the steps of their septic system project.

Wastewater treatment and septic systems


Homes and cottages

Septic systems

Our on-site residential septic systems make a lasting difference for our customers, our professional partners, and our planet.

Choose the Ecoflo biofilter, the most sustainable septic system in the industry, or take advantage of our complete range of septic tanks and tertiary treatment solutions.

Businesses and communities

Wastewater treatment systems

Our on-site and decentralized treatment systems help business and community leaders build a better, greener world.

From large-scale Ecoflo biofilter installations to Rewatec activated sludge and tertiary treatment systems, we have the solutions you need to protect your property and the environment.

Communities and industries

Wastewater processing equipment

Our process equipment offers peace of mind when reliability and cost-effective performance matter most.

Whether for an SBR, basin, lagoon, stabilization pond, or sludge management tank, our proven aeration and decanting solutions are here to make your project a success.

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