Non-potable water storage tanks

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Conserve a precious resource with our aboveground or underground non-potable water storage tanks for homes, cottages, businesses, and communities.

The Rewatec non-potable water storage tank for homes, businesses, and communities.

What is a non-potable water storage tank?

Rewatec non-potable water storage tank from Premier Tech Water and Environment.

Non-potable water storage tanks are aboveground or underground containers that store water that is not intended for human consumption. They are ideal for properties with limited or restricted access to a dependable water supply.

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Non-potable water tanks are often used to store harvested rainwater, stockpile water from low-yield wells, supply firefighting efforts in areas without emergency services, irrigate farmland, and water livestock on ranches.

Depending on your region, the Rewatec non-potable water storage tank is available with up to 75,000 L (almost 20,000 US gal) of nominal storage capacity.

We manufacture all models with high-quality materials that provide excellent mechanical strength and resistance against ultraviolet (UV) rays. Each unit comes pre-assembled for fast and easy installation on site.

Whatever your needs, count on our solutions to give you top-quality performance that lasts.

Where are our non-potable water storage tanks used?

The Rewatec non-potable water storage tank is most often a solution for:

  • areas with water bans or frequent drought
  • campgrounds
  • community pools and gardens
  • farms and ranches
  • homes and seasonal cottages
  • orchards
  • properties inaccessible to fire engines
  • wineries

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