Premier Tech Water and Environment factory in Montijo, Portugal, for liquid storage, wastewater treatment, and rainwater harvesting systems.

Our services and spare parts

We guide our clients through every stage of their project, from design to maintenance and beyond. Find out how we can make your project a success.

360º support for wastewater treatment

Our experience of more than 25 years in the field has helped us to understand the challenges of the industry. Together, we have the technical knowledge and expertise to ensure success at every stage of your project.

Accessories and spare parts

At Premier Tech, we manufacture a wide range of accessories and spare parts to meet all your project requirements.

We are firmly against planned obsolescence. Whenever possible, our products are designed to be installed for life and to be easily repairable, with easy access to spare parts.

See our catalogue for more information about our range of field-proven products, all specifically designed to help you customise, refurbish, or repair your installation with ease.


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Rainwater falling on a concrete surface.

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