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Septic service and parts

Need service now? Our team is available 24/7 to respond to sewage backups, system alarms, and other septic emergencies. Call our toll-free hotline today.

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Online payment

Pay online for your system’s maintenance visit or filtering medium replacement.

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Warranty activation

Activate your warranty to protect your investment with the best possible product support.

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PTWE Service And Parts Buying Selling Propriety

Buying or selling property

Claim or transfer ownership of the Premier Tech system on your property so we can honour its warranty and ensure it complies with regulations.

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Wastewater treatment services

Each year, our team of professionals inspects, maintains, and repairs more than 50,000 wastewater treatment systems across Canada.

Ecoflo biofilter and Rewatec technologies are our specialty, of course, but we also offer annual services and preventive maintenance for conventional septic systems and aerobic treatment units (ATUs) like Bionest and Ecobox. Take advantage of our competitive rates by requesting a free quote today.

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Septic parts and accessories

Thanks to our global network of partners and high work volume, we buy genuine parts and accessories at the lowest prices. Now you can too.

See our catalogue to discover our entire range of field-tested products, all specially designed to help you customize, refurbish, or repair your Ecoflo or Rewatec installation with ease.

Peripherals and accessories

Rewatec Peripherals and accessories

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