Premier Tech Water and Environment customers installing the Rewatec rainwater harvesting system and the Ecoflo biofilter septic system.

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Registered blue Arvès logo.

Decorative rainwater harvesting

Arvès brings elegance to residential rainwater barrels and home garden accessories.

Blending tasteful style with quality that lasts, the brand taps into the sustainable benefits of rainwater harvesting while enhancing the natural beauty of your lawn and garden.

Arvès solutions

Woman using the Arvès decorative rainwater barrel to fill a watering can in her garden.
Registered orange Calona logo.

Environmental and agricultural solutions

Calona provides diverse products for a shared purpose: to protect and improve our world.

For your home and business, the brand offers storage tanks for corrosive liquids. For farms and ranches, it delivers durable feed bins and water stations. In your community, it is the name to trust for recycling stations that give used materials new life.

Calona solutions

Calona aboveground storage tank for agricultural applications.
Registered green Ecoflo logo.

Sustainable septic solutions

Ecoflo provides sustainable wastewater treatment that protects your property and the environment.

With energy-free treatment and a filter made of natural, renewable, and compostable coconut husk fragments, the Ecoflo biofilter has the lowest carbon footprint of any septic system on the market — and the numbers to prove it.

Ecoflo solutions

Ecoflo septic system installed on a residential property near a river.
Registered grey Ecoprocess logo.

Engineered environmental technologies and services

Ecoprocess offers engineered solutions for municipal and industrial projects that value sustainability.

The brand means turnkey solutions for organic waste management and wastewater treatment, plus the global experience and local expertise that comes with our engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning services.

Ecoprocess solutions

Sequencing batch reactor with Premier Tech's engineering expertise and wastewater processing equipment in Hisar, India.
Registered blue Rewatec logo.

Water and wastewater management

Rewatec provides decentralized water and wastewater management solutions to protect and improve shared resources.

From treatment technologies that preserve sensitive environments to rainwater harvesting systems that reduce your consumption of drinking water, the Rewatec brand is home to a full suite of solutions built for a better, more sustainable world.

Rewatec solutions

Rewatec polyethylene tanks at a Premier Tech depot.