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Our prefabricated separators help you remove grease from wastewater before it enters a treatment or sewage system. Models come CE marked to EN 1825.

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What is a grease separator?

500 L grease separators

Wastewater from industrial kitchens, restaurants, and some agri-food industries contains fats and oils. To prevent these materials from clogging downstream pipes, wastewater must first pass through a system that separates and retains grease.

Grease separators can only receive greywater — wastewater from sources other than toilets and urinals. If they are installed in conjunction with wastewater treatment systems, greywater must be separated from other streams. Once fats, oils, and greases have been retained, the two systems can be linked again.

Our grease separators are the ideal solution for this specialised need. They are rotomoulded with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to ensure a watertight design and a long service life.

The Rewatec grease separator is designed in accordance with EN 1825 and achieves an output concentration of less than 15 mg/L.

Typical applications

  • hotels
  • restaurants and bars
  • cafes
  • agri-food industry
  • schools
  • hospitals and health facilities

How do our grease separators work?

Our grease separators are intuitive, easy to operate, and require no energy input.

Separation works on the principle that liquids with different densities react in predictable ways. Fats and oils do not mix with water because they are less dense (1 g/cm3). As a result, they eventually float to the top of wastewater. When this happens, clarified wastewater flows downstream for further treatment.

We offer grease separators for a wide range of flow rates and volumes:

  • flows from 0.5 to 30 L/s
  • volumes from 72 to 15,000 L

To avoid unpleasant surprises in your system, we also offer alarms to detect high grease levels in all of our models.

Grease separators for domestic or industrial use
  • Solution to bury with a decanter (up to 20 L/s and 8,000 L)
Grease separators for domestic or industrial use
  • Solution to put under a sink (up to 0.75 L/s and 200 L)

Grease separator maintenance

Premier Tech recommends that you follow maintenance instructions according to the model installed. Protect your investment, maximise its service life, and maintain your warranty by having your system regularly inspected.

To empty your grease separator, simply open the lid and pump out the accumulated material with a hose. The tank's interior walls have smooth surfaces for easy cleaning, when necessary.

Rewatec grease separator warranty

For more than 25 years, we have developed sustainable, long-lasting products that make a difference for our clients, our professional partners, and our planet.

The Rewatec grease separator comes with a 5-year warranty, provided that all instructions are followed for system installation and use.


Garantía de 10 años

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Available models

We offer a Rewatec grease separator model adapted to each specific need.


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