Hydrocarbon separators

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Protect the environment by choosing the Rewatec hydrocarbon separator. Our prefabricated, ready-to-install solutions are designed according to EN 858.

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What is a hydrocarbon separator?

900 L hydrocarbon separation model

Hydrocarbon separators are specialised tanks that remove oil, petrol, and similar substances from water to ensure they cannot contaminate the surrounding environment.

Our hydrocarbon separators are made with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and come pre-assembled.

We offer models with capacities up to 45,000 L and flow rates up to 200 L/s. If you need a solution for higher flow rates, contact our team of experts for a customised system design.

The Rewatec Class I hydrocarbon separator is designed in accordance with EN 858-1 and achieves an output concentration of less than 5 mg/L.

Typical applications

  • repair shops
  • garages
  • service stations
  • parking areas
  • recycling centres
Installation of a 30 L/s hydrocarbon separator

    How do our hydrocarbon separators work?

    Sketch of a Hydrocarbon separator

    Our hydrocarbon separators are designed for the physical treatment of water contaminated with hydrocarbons.

    The separator's first chamber receives water contaminated by hydrocarbons with densities less than or equal to 0.95 g/cm3. Heavier solids, including sludge and sediment, settle on the bottom of the tank.

    Coarse floating hydrocarbons remain in the first chamber. Small hydrocarbon particles flow through a coalescing filter in the tank's second chamber. This filter allows collected hydrocarbon particles to rise to the top of the tank.

    As hydrocarbons gradually accumulate on the surface of the second chamber, treated water flows out through the lower section of the tank. The system has an automatic shut-off valve to prevent hydrocarbon spillage when the tank is full.

    To avoid unpleasant surprises in your system, we also offer alarms to detect high hydrocarbon levels in all of our models.

    Hydrocarbon separator maintenance

    View inside a 900 L hydrocarbon separator

    Premier Tech recommends that you follow maintenance instructions according to the model installed. Protect your investment, maximise its service life, and maintain your warranty by having your system regularly inspected.

    System maintenance and hydrocarbon disposal must be performed by a professional certified in hazardous waste management.

    To empty your hydrocarbon separator, a professional simply needs to open the lids and pump out the accumulated material. The tank's interior walls have smooth surfaces for easy cleaning, when necessary.

    Rewatec hydrocarbon separator warranty

    For more than 25 years, we have developed sustainable, long-lasting products that make a difference for our clients, our professional partners, and our planet.

    The Rewatec hydrocarbon separator comes with a 5-year warranty, provided that all instructions are followed for system installation and use.


    5 year warranty

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    Available models

    We offer a Rewatec hydrocarbon separator model adapted to each specific need.

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