IBC transport tanks

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Solutions for the storage and transport of dangerous goods by road. Tanks approved according to European ADR standard in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and UV-resistant. 

IBC tank, made of HDPE for the transport of dangerous goods by road
Robust solution

Made of HDPE by rotomolding

ADR approval

Including fixing rings


Easy to handle and use
Easy to handle and use

All components included

Low weight and stackable product

Adapted to numerous vehicles (pick-up)


Long service life
Long service life

100% high quality virgin HDPE

UV and corrosion resistant

Self-ventilation system and IP55 protection


Robust rotomolded lid

Locks with possibility of padlock

What is an IBC liquid storage tank?

IBC tank, made of HDPE for the transport of dangerous goods by road

Calona IBC mobile tanks are manufactured using the rotomolding technique with 100 % virgin high density polyethylene (HDPE). With ultraviolet resistant treatment to ensure that it remains unalterable in outdoor conditions.  

They are approved according to the European ADR standard for the transport of dangerous goods by road, making them an ideal solution for situations where there is no direct access to these goods.  

Its simple design and easy handling make it an ideal product to be transported in a variety of vehicles, from pick-up to vans or trucks.  

Currently we have two storage capacities of 200 and 410 litres. 


ADR test characteristics

  • Vibration test
  • Lifting from top and bottom 
  • Tightness test at 20 kPa 
  • Hydraulic pressure test at 120 kPa 
  • Fall test of full tank from 80 cm from the ground.
meet standards


  1. 12 V pump (AdBlue Model 30 L/min. Diesel model 50 L/min) 
  2. Supply hose with 4 meters and automatic dispenser 
  3. 2" filling nozzle 
  4. Fuel level gauge inside tank 
  5. High precision digital flowmeter device (+/- 0.5%) - Optional 
  6. Shut off valve and fishing tube with mesh filter 
  7. Adjustable locks with possibility of padlock placement 
  8. Height adjustment rings (for vacuum use) 
  9. Allows stacking 
  10. Handling cavities for pallet jack or forklift 
  11. Cavity for fastening strap 
  12. Lid stopper 
  13. Manual handles for manual handling (side and front)



The operation of Calona IBC mobile tanks is very simple and intuitive. When the stored liquid needs to be supplied, it is necessary to connect the electric clamps to a 12 V battery. Once connected to the battery, the automatic dispenser will start to feed the machine's reservoir. The delivered volume can be monitored with the installed flowmeter device.  



Volume (L) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
200 760 1.160 540
410 760 1.160 820

The best product for your needs

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    ADR approval 
  • Corrosion resistant materials to increase service life.  
  • Stackable tanks 
  • IP55 protection 
  • Safety system with recirculation by-pass 
  • Self-ventilated equipment 
  • High Precision Digital flowmeter device (optional) 

We stand by our products

For more than 20 years we have developed sustainable and lasting solutions giving added value to our clients, our partners and above all to the planet. 

All Calona GRG tanks come with a five-year warranty, following the system's installation and use instructions. Electromechanical components come with a one-year warranty.

5 year warranty


Available Models

Within the IBC mobile tanks Calona you can find the following models.

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