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Ideal solutions for above and below ground water storage tanks.

Simple and robust

Easy to transport and handle

Models with welded joints and reinforcement

Rigorous quality control

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Vertical and horizontal models

Available from 500 to 75,000 L

Tailored technical solutions

Long service life
Long service life

100% high quality virgin HDPE

UV and corrosion resistant

Five-year warranty

What is a water storage tank?

HDPE tanks for underground storage of liquids

Rewatec tanks are manufactured using the rotomolding technique with 100% virgin high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The material used is of a quality suitable for contact with products for human consumption and is resistant to ultraviolet rays (UV), in order to last unalterable in outdoor conditions.

We manufacture a wide range of water tanks, both for above ground and underground storage. If you need a surface model, we have multiple solutions for any type of need. Vertical and horizontal tanks, and even a model specially designed to pass through doors with a minimum width of 680 mm.

Underground models up to 15,000 litres are made in one piece. For larger models, the joints are welded internally and externally and mechanically reinforced around the perimeter. For complete safety, a leak test is carried out on each joint after completion of the welding.

Storage capacities range from 500 to 75,000 L depending on the selected model.

What uses can they have?

HDPE tanks for underground wastewater storage

Rewatec tanks are applicable for water storage. The use of certified food-grade raw materials makes these tanks suitable for storing food liquids.

These characteristics make Rewatec tanks ideal for the following sectors:

  • drinking water management
  • rainwater and storm management
  • sanitation
  • agri-food industry
  • livestock
  • fire prevention

We stand by our products

For more than 25 years we have developed sustainable and lasting solutions giving added value to our clients, our partners and above all to the planet.

All Rewatec tanks come with a five-year warranty, following the system's installation and use instructions.


5 year warranty


Customized for your needs

The following accessories can be added to Rewatec above ground tanks. 

Accessories for HDPE surface tanks

Available models

Within the Rewatec water tanks you can find the following models



Rewatec tanks are incorporated for other Premier Tech solutions

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