Mobile wastewater treatment

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What is a mobile wastewater treatment system?

A mobile wastewater treatment system is a septic solution for temporary, seasonal, and remote sites where permanent installations would be impractical.

Our range of pre-assembled and excavation-free mobile solutions includes the:

Premier Tech Water and Environment's mobile wastewater treatment system enroute to a remote location in Québec, Canada.

    Turnkey and fully customized systems are available, each with the option of purchasing, renting, or leasing to own.

    We quality-check all our mobile wastewater treatment systems before delivering them to your site. Plus, there is no lag time between delivery and operation. Our team of experts is available right away to guide start-up and commissioning.

    With our wide network of maintenance professionals, we are pleased to offer flexible service packages that protect your investment in your system, no matter how remote your location.

    Where are our mobile wastewater treatment systems used?

    Our mobile wastewater treatment systems are most often solutions for:

    • seasonal projects
    • construction camps
    • hydroelectric camps
    • mining camps
    • forestry camps
    • upgrades to existing installations

    System start-up

    Our team of engineers and technicians has the industry knowledge and experience to make your mobile wastewater treatment project a success, regardless of which solution you choose.

    • commissioning by a qualified technician
    • verification of system functionality
    • rapid responses to any areas of concern

    Maintenance services

    We have a network of service partners, trained by us to protect your investment and maximize the performance of your mobile wastewater treatment system.

    When your technician arrives on site, they will:

    • inspect and maintain filters or membranes to ensure optimal performance
    • verify all system components, including electromechanical parts
    • visually inspect discharged effluent
    • read and record key operating parameters

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