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Sustainable wastewater treatment 

Ecoflo is a sustainable wastewater treatment system that requires zero energy to improve the quality of wastewater effluent. Due to the nature of the coconut husk filtering medium inside Ecoflo, the all-natural product we create is not only renewable, but fully compostable after its years of treating wastewater are over. 

Combined with a lightweight, robust and compact design, Ecoflo provides a long lasting, sustainable, economical and environmentally friendly solution to protect your property and our planet for years to come.

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Ecoflo installed in a residential property
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Water and wastewater management

Rewatec provides off-mains water and wastewater management solutions to protect and improve our shared resources. 

From treatment technologies that preserve sensitive environments to rainwater harvesting systems that make it easy to conserve drinking water, the Rewatec brand is home to a full suite of solutions built for a better, more sustainable world.

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Liquid and agricultrural storage, grease separators 

Calona provides environmental solutions for the storage of liquid, chemicals, agricultural and other waste. 

From Silage tanks, Grease separators to above and below ground storage solutions, Calona provides a full range of robust GRP tanks to help you and your business continue your operations in an ecologically sensitive world. 

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