Selective collection containers

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Solutions for the selective management of both solid waste and used oils. 

Selective collection containers in HDPE for solid waste and used oils
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Robust and lightweight

Rotomolded HDPE

Protection against UV rays

Metal parts in galvanised steel

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Long service life


High mechanical and chemical resistance

Integrated pigmentation

What are the selective collection containers?

Selective collection containers in HDPE

These containers are designed to store both solid waste and used oils. The Calona containers are made of rotomolded 100% virgin HDPE and are UV ray resistant to withstand weather conditions.

We offer two types of solutions: one for the collection of solid waste (paper, glass, and packages) and another for the collection of used oils. The capacity varies according to the model. 

How do the selective waste collection containers work?

The Calona containers are easy to operate and intuitive, as they do not have many mechanical components.

The containers for the collection of solid waste are designed according to EN 13071-1. The filling points are at a height accessible to the user and the container is emptied through a discharge trapdoor at the bottom operated by one of the following systems: simple or double ring opening.

Unloading of a paper collection container

Moreover, the models for used oil collection are equipped with a level indicator, a strainer, and a leakage indicator. Oils are discharged through an opening at the top of the container. Emptying is done by means of a suction hose fitted through the same opening.

Detail of a waste oil container showing the access, level indicator and the emptying access

We stand by our products

For over 25 years we have been developing sustainable, long-lasting products that make a difference for our clients, professional partners and, in particular, our planet.

All Calona containers come with a five-year warranty, and the instructions for the installation and use of the system. Mechanical components have a one-year warranty.


5 year warranty


Available models

Calona selective collection containers include the following models.

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