Hazard Materials Storage 

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Solutions for the collection of hazardous materials requiring stable and leaf-proof storage, to prevent environmental contamination. 

Solutions for the collection of hazardous materials such as batteries or industrial chemicals
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Robust and light

Manufactured in rotomoulded HDPE 

Protection against UV rays 

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Long service life


High mechanical and chemical resistance 

Contains forklift slots 

What are the cases for hazardous materials? 

Some industry products need to be stored and transported in the best conditions to prevent environmental contamination. Our Calona solutions for hazardous materials offer a series of models for the proper management thereof. They are made in rotomoulded 100% virgin high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and are UV ray resistant to withstand weather conditions.  

We offer two types of solutions: one for batteries and power accumulators and another for chemical spill containment, with varying capacities, as needed. 

How do hazardous materials tanks work? 

The Calona tanks are easy to operate and intuitive, as they have no mechanical components. 

The battery cases are fitted with a fully open lid and have a structure that avoids deformation of the bottom of the tank. Models up to 470 L.  

Chemical spill containment basins must be placed underneath the tanks that store them. Models up to 1,360 L are available. This model has a galvanised steel or fibreglass mesh.  

The choice of capacity must be at least equal to or greater than one of the following calculations:  

  • 100% of the capacity of the largest tank, or 
  • 50% of the sum of the different capacities.  

We stand by our products 

For over 25 years we have been developing sustainable, long-lasting products that make a difference for our clients, professional partners and, in particular, our planet.  

All Calona tanks come with a five-year warranty, and the instructions for the installation and use of the system.  

5 year warranty

Available models 

Calona hazardous materials tanks include the following models 


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