Stormwater attenuation tanks

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What is a stormwater attenuation tank?

Installation of rewatec stormwater installation tanks

A stormwater attenuation tank collects and temporarily holds surface water runoff from large storm events. It is most often used for commercial, municipal, and industrial applications.

As urban sprawl continues, permeable ground is being covered with hard surfaces like buildings, roadways, and car parks. This transformation increases surface water runoff and the risk of flooding, especially in areas prone to torrential rains.

The Rewatec stormwater attenuation tank minimizes this risk. Our solutions control the flow of runoff so that stormwater can be safely discharged into a river, lake, or reservoir.

We manufacture each tank with glass reinforced plastic (GRP) and quality-controlled components that are resistant to chemicals and corrosion.

Aboveground and underground models are available, plus the option to combine multiple tanks for your needs. Whatever you choose, your investment is sure to deliver years of effective, reliable performance.

Where are our stormwater attenuation tanks used?

The Rewatec stormwater attenuation tank is most often a solution for:

  • roadways
  • underground car parks
  • rail yards
  • areas prone to flooding
  • properties with critical infrastructure

How do our stormwater attenuation tanks work?

A drainage system diverts surface runoff into the stormwater attenuation tank.

The tank temporarily retains runoff in a chamber that controls the volume and velocity of water sent downstream. This controlled release — by way of pumped or gravity discharge — reduces the burden on infrastructure and prevents flooding.

The outlet pipe can direct stormwater to a lake, river, reservoir, or another suitable location, depending on the needs of the site and local environmental regulations.

Stormwater attenuation tank maintenance

Protect your investment in your Rewatec stormwater attenuation tank by having it regularly inspected by a service professional.

When your service provider visits your property, they should:

  • check for cracks and leaks in the tank
  • clean filters
  • update maintenance records for your system
  • explain any areas of concern and recommend next steps

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