Green septic systems with coco filters

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Meet the last septic system you will ever buy

Nobody buys a septic system because they want to.

You buy one because you must. You do it despite the headaches. And after your installation is in the ground, you hope you never have to do it again.

With Ecoflo, you never need to.

Ecoflo is the first and only septic system brand to combine sustainable wastewater treatment with a lifetime installation.


Ecoflo is different by design

Other systems filter wastewater through non-renewable materials. Their filters are inaccessible. When they clog, you replace the entire system.

Ecoflo finds a better way.

Our sustainable and accessible filter is made with coconut husk fragments. Natural. Compostable. And 100% renewable.

Each filter offers years of effective performance. When your filter clogs, we renew it. You never need to replace your system.

Homeowner and septic system installer standing in front of the polyethylene Ecoflo compact biofilter.

Why choose coco?

Coco embodies our vision for a better, greener world.

  • We reduce waste
    When we transform coco husks into a wastewater filter, we give second life to a valuable resource.
  • We lower CO2 emissions
    Other filter materials travel by truck. Loads are small. Total emissions are high. Not us. We move lots of coco at once. And we do it with maritime shipping — the most carbon-efficient mode of transport.
  • We feed the future
    When your filter's treatment days are over, the story of coco continues. We give it third life as compost that regenerates soils and forests near you.
Ecoflo compact biofilter installer holding the coconut husk fragments used to remove pollutants from domestic wastewater.

Ecoflo products for your needs

Ecoflo septic systems are ideal for small lots, large properties, and everything in between. Discover the right system for you, and get answers to all your questions, by asking our team for a free quote.

Want more info about prices in your region? Read our article about Ecoflo septic system costs.

Homeowners sitting between a lake in Québec, Canada, and the Ecoflo compact biofilter septic system.

“The Ecoflo biofilter is a well-designed and reliable system. I never have to worry about it. And as a bonus, it's eco-friendly!”

F. Landry

Full manufacturer support since 1995

We proudly support Ecoflo septic system owners.

Premier Tech Water and Environment service technician maintaining the Ecoflo compact biofilter septic system.

Ecoflo guides and manuals

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BC and Nova Scotia

Installation of the Pack model of the polyethylene Ecoflo compact biofilter at a residential site in Ontario.

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