Services for septic systems: Hydro-Kinetic, Enviro Septic, Ecophyltre, and more

Premier Tech technician performing maintenance on a failing Bionest septic system.

Annual maintenance

All advanced secondary treatment systems require annual maintenance to ensure effective wastewater treatment. Premier Tech technicians are qualified to perform maintenance on all types of advanced secondary systems, including Hydro-Kinetic, Enviro Septic, Ecophyltre, and more.

This service is currently offered only in Québec.

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Pièces de remplacement pour installation septique de la marque Polylok.

Replacement parts – online store

Wherever you are in Canada, order replacement parts for your septic system at our online store. Fast delivery within 48 business hours.


Premier Tech car in front of a house for septic system maintenance.

Emergency call

We respond quickly to any emergency concerning your septic installation.

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