Pre-purchase septic inspections

Buying or selling a property? We help you get the septic system inspected, so you can be sure it works properly and complies with local regulations.

This service is currently offered only in Québec.

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What is a septic inspection?

A septic inspection is a comprehensive evaluation of a property's septic system. During an inspection, a certified professional assesses every aspect of the system, including the septic tank and drain field. This ensures the installation is working properly and identifies small issues before they become major concerns.

Why get a septic inspection before you buy or sell your home?

When you buy or sell a rural property, a pre-purchase septic inspection is an effective way to limit your risk before the transaction is completed.

The reason is simple: an inspection makes it easy to spot a clogged, damaged, or faulty septic system that may create unexpected expenses for the new property owner.

Couvercles d'une installation septique de type Bionest à côté d'une maison.


As part of most real estate deals, the buyer hires a building inspector to look for any unpleasant surprises. Inspections include visual assessments of the building structure, plumbing, electrical, insulation, ventilation, and more.

The problem is that conventional inspection services do not take an in-depth look at a property’s wastewater treatment system.

Without a pre-purchase septic inspection, it is difficult for a buyer to determine which technologies are installed, how the system has been operated, and how frequently it has been maintained. There is also no way of knowing if the septic drain field is in good condition, if wastewater is being treated effectively, or if the system protects the environment.

That is why we strongly recommend that you invest in the services of an inspector who specializes in wastewater treatment.

It is their job to protect your peace of mind!

Please note that this service is currently offered only in Québec.

Technicien Premier Tech effectuant l'inspection d'une installation septique de type Bionest.


What are the advantages of a septic inspection?

Premier Tech Water and Environment has more than 25 years of expertise in the design, manufacture, maintenance, and improvement of wastewater treatment systems.

Our industry experience and technical know-how make us the leading choice to inspect all types of septic systems.

With our pre-purchase septic inspection services, you are able to:

Both buyers and sellers have an interest in having septic systems inspected.

Buyers can reduce their purchase offers when inspections reveal costly septic system problems. On the other hand, sellers can maximize the market values of their properties by repairing or replacing septic components that have been flagged as damaged or faulty during inspections.

What is included in our septic inspections?

    Pre-purchase septic inspection

    • visual inspection of system components
    • visual inspection of effluent clarity
    • measurement of the septic system's distance from the well and other important elements
    • verification that the system is not too close to trees, embankments, retaining walls, driveways, or heavy objects
    • confirmation that the system is correctly sized according to the number of bedrooms in the home
    Technicienne Premier Tech effectuant un test pour l'inspection d'une installation septique de type Bionest.


    After the inspection, if the technician has doubts about the state of the system, they may propose further investigation with additional tests. These tests are at your discretion. An additional fee of $150 applies.

    Post-inspection reports

    All our septic inspection services come with a complete and detailed report that we provide to you within 72 hours of our visit.

    We are committed to giving you a clear and precise portrait of the inspected system. For that reason, your report includes our recommendations, precautions, and a list of services that need to be undertaken to maintain the performance of the system.

    If we detect any problems with the septic system, we offer you a range of possible solutions. If replacing the system is the only option, we put you in touch with trusted professionals who can support you throughout the project.

    We inspect all types of septic systems

    Conventional septic systems

    • septic tanks with traditional drain fields
    • septic tanks with modified drain fields
    • septic tanks with classic sand filters
    • septic tanks with purifying sand filters
    • absorbing wells
    • dry toilets

    Advanced septic systems



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