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Want us to manage your septic project from A to Z? Or looking for advice for your new system? Whatever your needs, we’re here to make it easy.

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What is a turnkey septic installation?

Customer talking to a Premier Tech Water and Environment specialist in front of an Ecoflo biofilter.

A septic project is more than just the installation. Before your system goes in the ground, you need to shop around to find pros who can:

  • assess your site
  • do a soil percolation test
  • recommend the best system
  • design your installation
  • help you get your permits
  • deliver parts and materials
  • install and start up your system

Sounds complicated? It doesn’t need to be.

Ask us to simplify your project by wrapping every step into an all-in-one service. We’ll give you a dedicated project manager who coordinates your installation from start to finish.

Why choose us for your septic installation?

We have been manufacturing, selling, and servicing septic systems for more than 25 years. When you choose us to manage your project, you get a local industry pro who works hard, so you don’t have to.

  • expert support at a competitive price
  • one point of contact for all project steps
  • handpicked system options
  • troubleshooting to avoid delays
  • fast answers to all your questions

From idea to installation, we have you covered

Your time is valuable. That’s why we visit you on site (when it’s convenient) to talk about your goals and your long-term vision for your property.

When we know more about your septic project, we’ll explain the road ahead and answer all your questions. Then you can relax. Your project manager will take it from there!

Here’s a quick look at what happens next:

Site assessment and soil test

Septic designer in Ontario performing a soil test on a residential property.

First, we analyze your site to find out how much space is available for your new system. We also test your soil or contact a local authority to determine:

  • soil type
  • percolation rate
  • water table level

We use the results to recommend the best products to you.

System design

A septic expert designing a septic installation for a residential property in Ontario.

Feel confident knowing the plan we draw up for you matches your needs and respects the regulations in your area. Every detail is on paper, including a budget for the overall cost of your project.


Septic installations need permits, and knowing who to get them from can be tricky. We eliminate the hassle by giving you all the details you need to get your authorization.


Septic contractor in Ontario closing the main access of a polyethylene Ecoflo compact biofilter.

It’s the big day! You can rest easy because we have already coordinated the delivery of the parts, materials, and equipment we need to install your septic system.

Once the work is underway, we get you to the finish line by:

  • ensuring your installation follows your design plan
  • booking a visit from a qualified local electrician (if needed)
  • starting up your system


After we install your system, we clean everything up to minimize our impact on your property. In some cases, we even offer the option of reseeding the installation area. Why? Because we want you to start enjoying your yard as soon as possible!

Where can you get our turnkey septic installation?

Our turnkey septic installation service is available in select regions.

If you live in another area, no problem. We can still help you by recommending one of our trusted local installers.

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We offer turnkey septic installations in the following Ontario counties:

  • Frontenac
  • Hastings
  • Leeds and Greenville
  • Lennox and Addington
  • Northumberland
  • Peterborough
  • Prince Edward
Installation of the Pack model of the polyethylene Ecoflo compact biofilter at a residential site in Ontario.

Make your septic installation easy

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