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Find design guides, technical drawings, and technical data sheets for Premier Tech Water and Environment's most popular wastewater treatment products in Canada.

On this page: Ecoflo linear biofilter, Ecoflo compact biofilter, holding tanks, moving bed biofilm reactors (MBBR), nitrogen reduction (ECDn), phosphorus removal, pump stations, septic/primary tanks, sludge management tanks, and UV disinfection.

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Design documents for residential projects

Get inspired for your next design by checking out Premier Tech's range of solutions for residential septic projects.

Residential Pro Guide

Ecoflo linear biofilter

Ecoflo compact biofilter

Septic tanks, holding tanks, and accessories

Design documents for business and community projects

Download our brochure to see Premier Tech's lineup of wastewater treatment systems for businesses and communities.

Business and community brochure

Ecoflo compact biofilter cluster

Moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR)

System components

Dock on a lake.

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