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Services for Ecoflo septic systems

Technician performing annual maintenance on an Ecoflo septic system.

Annual maintenance

Like all advanced secondary treatment systems, Ecoflo septic systems require regular maintenance to ensure that they effectively treat wastewater. Annual maintenance maximizes the lifespan of the system's filtering medium, allowing it to maintain high performance for years to come.

We rely on a network of trusted partners, trained by Premier Tech every year, to carry out annual maintenance on your Ecoflo septic system.

The annual maintenance contract includes:

  • maintenance visit by one of our trusted partners
  • analysis by our experts
  • maintenance report delivery (and archiving of previous data)
  • customer service available 24/7

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Renewal of coconut husk filtering media for the Ecoflo compact biofilter.

Filtering medium renewal

The Ecoflo septic system itself is installed for life. The filtering medium inside the biofilter — the material that removes pollutants from your wastewater — is guaranteed for 10 years, but often lasts well beyond 15 years.

We determine when it’s time to renew your filtering medium by studying your system’s cumulative maintenance reports. The renewal process is preventive, guaranteeing the protection of your property and the environment.

  • quick and easy two-hour process
  • no excavation and no landscaping required
  • renewal of the original filtering medium performance guarantee

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Risers for Ecoflo septic system.

Replacement parts – online store

Wherever you are in Canada, buy your Ecoflo septic system replacement parts on our online store. Find Ecoflo compact biofilter covers and risers, parts for septic tanks, odour-control filters, and more. Fast delivery within 48 business hours.


Premier Tech car in front of a house for septic system maintenance.

Service call – alarm

We respond quickly to any problem or emergency concerning your Ecoflo septic system.

+1 800 632-6356

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