Sustainable wastewater treatment to protect your property and the planet

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Protect your property and the environment by choosing the Ecoflo biofilter, the most sustainable wastewater treatment system available. Our solutions are ideal for 5 to 200 PE.

Ecoflo, the sustainable solution for wastewater treatment

What is the Ecoflo biofilter?

Ecoflo compact

The Ecoflo biofilter is the most eco-responsible wastewater treatment system, as it has the lowest carbon footprint on the market.

It uses an all-natural filtering medium made of coconut husk fragments, which are specifically sized to maximise treatment performance. The technology is easily scalable and can be used to treat wastewater for single-family homes or small communities of up to 200 PE.

The fundamental principle of the Ecoflo biofilter is that it does not require a power supply, as it has no electromechanical components to carry out the treatment. The wastewater is infiltrated by gravity through the natural filter medium, reducing annual treatment costs significantly and associated noises. This gives it a treatment without power supply concerns, and therefore a continuous and autonomous operation.

For more than 25 years, the Ecoflo biofilter has revolutionised the wastewater treatment industry. It has been tested and proven in the most extreme climates and has been installed in more than 150,000 locations worldwide.

Installation is quick and easy, as all models are fully factory assembled. In addition, the Ecoflo biofilter has a minimal visual impact and a high level of landscape integration.

In Europe, the Ecoflo biofilter is EN 12566-3 certified. Internationally, it is certified to ANSI-NSF standards 40 and 240 in the United States, and CAN-BNQ standard 3680-900 and BNQ standard 3680-910 in Canada.

Typical applications

  • main or secondary residences
  • apartment buildings
  • camping sites and nature parks
  • office buildings
  • schools
  • small communities
  • mountain refuges (shown)
  • golf courses
Ecoflo installed in a mountain shelter

Why do we filter wastewater through coconut husk fragments?

Filtering media with coconut husk fragments

Our patented coconut husk fragment filtering medium was designed by Premier Tech’s research and development team.

After testing different materials, we chose coconut husks because of their high treatment capacity and durability. Their composition of fibres and fragments is perfectly balanced to ensure optimal performance from the first to the last day of use.

The physical characteristics of this natural material make it an ideal medium for wastewater treatment. With a high absorption capacity (five times greater than sand), coconut husk fragments act as small sponges that retain organic matter to be digested.

Moreover, their porous composition greatly increases their contact surface and the areas in which bacteria can nest. This means that only a small volume of coconut husk fragments is required under all conditions of use.

Coconut husk fragments have a long service life thanks to the material's low degradation, high stability, and high resistance to compaction. This is due, in part, to the high lignin content of coconut fibres, which allows a constant air flow that promotes aerobic digestion inside the Ecoflo biofilter.

What makes the Ecoflo biofilter sustainable?

Coconut husk fragments life cycle

At Premier Tech, we have always had a clear vision: to protect and improve our planet for future generations.

That is why our passion is to treat wastewater with solutions that have minimal impact on the environment.

By transforming coconut husk fragments into a filtering medium, we give second life to a valuable resource and ensure that no part of the coconut tree is wasted.

The all-natural product we have developed is not only renewable. At the end of its useful life as a filtering medium, it can be used as compost in other industries. With its high nutrient and organic content, it is the ideal fertiliser for reforestation and agricultural projects.

How does the Ecoflo biofilter work?

Ecoflo biofilter functioning

Primary wastewater treatment takes place in the septic tank, where a large portion of solids and fats are removed. This is also where the first anaerobic digestion of organic matter takes place.

A PF17 pre-filter is connected to the septic tank outlet to prevent larger solids from passing into the Ecoflo biofilter.

Once wastewater enters the Ecoflo biofilter, a non-mechanical tipping bucket evenly distributes liquid over distribution plates. Via gravity, and without needing energy, liquid then seeps into the system's coconut husk fragment filtering medium for treatment.

Aerobic digestion of pollutants and filtration of suspended solids take place within the filtering medium. After treatment, the system discharges effluent into the environment according to local requirements.

Guaranteed treatment performance

  • BOD5 reduction: 98.2%
  • COD reduction: 92%
  • TSS reduction: 98.5%

Ecoflo biofilter maintenance

Maintenance of an Ecoflo

Premier Tech recommends that you follow maintenance instructions according to the model installed. Protect your investment, maximise its service life, and maintain your warranty by performing regular checks of your septic tank and Ecoflo biofilter.

We have more than 25 years of field experience and research. As such, we know that the filtering medium in the Ecoflo biofilter should be renewed 12 to 15 years after its installation. This work requires no excavation or heavy machinery, and it takes just a few hours to complete.

Once the filter is renewed, its 10-year warranty is activated again.

If you need to check the status of your Ecoflo, please feel free to contact us.

Ecoflo biofilter warranty

For more than 25 years, we have developed sustainable, long-lasting products that make a difference for our clients, our professional partners, and our planet.

Our experience allows us to offer the most comprehensive warranty in the industry, and to do it in an open and honest manner.

The 10-year Ecoflo biofilter warranty* includes:

  • all treatment-related parts (tipping bucket, distribution plates, etc.)
  • proper functioning and performance of the filtering medium
  • no excess sludge or blockages in downstream components
10 year-warranty


* Equipment must be properly installed and maintenance must be carried out in accordance with Premier Tech’s guidelines and by certified maintenance teams.

Available models

We offer a complete range of Ecoflo biofilter models to meet your needs.


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