Static aerators

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Built to last

Robust rotomolded design

Steel-reinforced concrete pad

Flexible base absorbs vibrations

static aerator septic system impeccable performance
High performance

Clog-free performance

High aeration and mixing capacities

Designed to maximize coverage area

static aerator septic system smart long-term investment
Smart investment

No maintenance

No premature fouling

No full-system replacements

What is a static aerator?


A static aerator is a high-performance aeration and mixing solution for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment projects.

Ecoprocess static aerators (formerly known as Atara) feature pre-molded piping attachments and wisely positioned legs to make it easy to connect aerators to the air supply.

Enlarged orifices prevent clogging and, thanks to our unique triple-venturi assembly, you maximize each unit’s coverage area without increasing your project's energy costs.

With more than 80,000 units sold — and counting — our static aerators are the solution of choice in more than 1,000 aerated lagoons across North America.


  • municipal and industrial treatment plants
  • agri-food processing plants
  • lagoon improvements
  • upgrades to faulty aeration systems

How do our static aerators work?

A centralized air supply forces air through pipes and into the intake assembly at the bottom of each Ecoprocess static aerator.

The intake assembly contains three venturi systems. They constrict incoming air, increasing its velocity and creating an area of low pressure around the nozzle inlet.

This pressure differential generates a strong downward flow that sweeps wastewater into the bottom of the aerator.

Inside the aerator, wastewater mixes with injected air before being discharged as lateral streams of coarse bubbles. These powerful streams reliably aerate and mix a wide radius inside the lagoon, tank, or basin.

10-year warranty

Our 10-year warranty for static aerators includes all:

  • original parts
  • replacement parts

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