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Premier Tech launches the Ecoflo linear biofilter in Ontario

3D image of the Ecoflo linear biofilter for residential properties in Ontario, Canada.

Premier Tech, a Canadian-based company, is proud to announce the launch of the Ecoflo linear biofilter in Ontario by its Water and Environment business group, a world leader in decentralized water management and wastewater treatment.

This new on-site septic system — discreet, energy-free, and easy to refurbish — is made for homes that are not connected to public sewage. It is certified to CAN/BNQ standard 3680-600 and has received Ontario Building Materials Evaluation Commission (BMEC) authorization 23‑02‑404.

An eco-designed septic system

The Ecoflo linear biofilter is the first fully eco-designed combined treatment and dispersal system. It uses a built-in distribution pipe system (patent pending), an energy-free gravity dosing device, and reusable components. Just as importantly, it eliminates the need for C33 septic sand, an increasingly scarce and precious resource.

This septic system can be renewed and refurbished throughout its lifespan. Its 100% natural filtering medium treats wastewater and preserves the site's underlying soil for life.

The renewal and refurbishment process reuses all plastic components and sand with minimal impact to the property. The cost of this process is around 25% of the cost of a new installation.

Context in the industry

Combined treatment and dispersal systems are affordable solutions that offer reliable treatment performance, flexible design, and terrain adaptability.

The Ecoflo linear biofilter will complement the original Ecoflo compact biofilter, Premier Tech’s flagship septic system since 1995, and strengthen Ecoflo’s position as a brand leader for sustainability and the regenerative economy.

Coco filtration pad inside an Ecoflo linear biofilter installation in Ontario.

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Learn more about Ecoflo, the first and only septic system brand to combine sustainable wastewater treatment with a lifetime installation.

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