Advantages of filter renewals for the Ecoflo compact biofilter

Man installing a coconut husk fragment filter in an Ecoflo biofilter septic system.

Which would you choose: a conventional or combined septic system that must be dug up and scrapped when it fails, or a permanent septic solution with guaranteed performance?

If you chose the lifetime solution, you are not alone.

The Ecoflo compact biofilter is a best seller, and a big reason why is that it never needs to be replaced. That means no holes in your yard — or your wallet — and full freedom to invest in long-term landscaping that makes your property shine.

Ecoflo is different by design

To understand what makes the Ecoflo compact biofilter different, first consider how other septic systems work.

Most systems filter wastewater through soil, sand, or a combination of sand and synthetic materials. These filtering media are buried and inaccessible, so when they become clogged with wastewater pollutants, the only remedy is to remove and replace the entire system.

We designed the Ecoflo compact biofilter differently. Our solution allows easy access to all system components, including the all-natural filtering medium inside the biofilter.

When the filtering medium no longer treats wastewater effectively (usually after 10 to 15 years of use) we renew it to guarantee your property and the environment are always protected.

The process is fast and simple. It takes just a few hours, requires no excavation, and has zero impact on your landscaping. We promise: your trees, flowerbeds, and manicured lawns are safe with us!

Filtering medium renewals in three easy steps

Here is a closer look at what to expect when the time comes for our team to renew the filtering medium in your Ecoflo compact biofilter.

Step 1: Remove

After opening the lid of your Ecoflo compact biofilter, our local service partners use a specialized vacuum truck to remove the old filtering medium.

Once the biofilter container is empty, the technicians thoroughly inspect it to ensure that all internal components are in working order.

Ecoflo green septic system pumping with vacuum truck.


Step 2: Install

The new filtering medium is compressed in sealed packaging when it arrives on site.

Our service partners add the contents of a few packages to the biofilter and use a tool to evenly distribute the material. By doing so, they promote optimal biofiltration and create an ideal environment for healthy bacterial activity.

The technicians then repeat the installation process until the biofilter container is sufficiently full.

We automatically renew the original warranty on the performance of your Ecoflo compact biofilter after the new filtering medium is installed. Our guarantee includes:

  • no clogging
  • no excess sludge
  • no substandard treatment performance
Ecoflo green septic system filtering medium replacement.


Step 3: Compost

When possible, our service partners send the old filtering medium from your Ecoflo compact biofilter to an organic waste facility.

Because our all-natural filters are made with coconut husk fragments or a combination of coco and peat moss, they create excellent compost for reforestation and soil stabilization projects.

Compostable filter from Ecoflo green septic system.


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