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What happened to the Ecoprocess coarse bubble diffuser and Ecoprocess unidirectional aerator?

Ecoprocess unidirectional aeration system, also known as Oxijet.

As of April 1, 2024, Premier Tech Water and Environment no longer includes the Ecoprocess coarse bubble diffuser (AirOmega) or Ecoprocess unidirectional aeration system (Oxijet) in our range of products in North America.

We offered these components for business and community wastewater treatment systems with activated sludge processes. Now, because they do not reflect our main market demands, we have made the decision to no longer offer them as individual solutions.

Premier Tech still offers solutions for business and community projects

Our Rewatec moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) and Rewatec membrane bioreactor (MBR) are activated sludge systems that use aeration to mix wastewater and feed microorganisms that break down pollutants.

We will continue to offer these solutions with coarse bubble diffusion or unidirectional aeration, depending on your system and needs.

These wastewater treatment systems remain the solutions of choice for:

  • restaurants
  • gas stations
  • wineries and microbreweries
  • hotels and inns
  • campgrounds and parks
  • food processing plants
  • residential and municipal developments

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