Bypass separators

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Protect your property and the environment by removing hydrocarbons and other stormwater pollutants with the Rewatec bypass separator.

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What is a bypass separator?

Rewatec bypass separator

A bypass separator is a specialized tank that removes oil, fuel, chemicals, and solids from low-flow surface runoff to prevent contamination of the surrounding environment.

Our bypass separators manage drainage areas of up to 277,000 m2, making them the perfect choice for properties with a relatively low risk of surface water contamination.

Each model features a robust glass reinforced plastic (GRP) tank and a patented separation system designed for rainfall intensities of up to 6.5 mm per hour.

Where are our bypass separators used?

The Rewatec bypass separator is most often a solution for:

  • small car parks and parking lots
  • highways and roads
  • car wash bays
  • light industrial yards

How do our bypass separators work?

The first flush of surface runoff is typically the most contaminated.

That is why, during the early stages of a runoff event, the full flow passes through the system's sediment collection chamber and enters a separation chamber with a patented oil skimming and filter device.

This device separates hydrocarbons and other pollutants from water and safely retains them until they can be removed according to local regulations.

As the runoff event builds to its maximum, the concentrations of incoming contaminants sharply decrease.

The nominal flow continues to pass through the separation chamber and any excess of virtually clean water is diverted directly to the system's outlet.

Bypass separator maintenance

Protect your property and the environment by having your Rewatec bypass separator regularly emptied by a qualified service professional.

The frequency of service depends on the application, the capacity of your tank, and the environmental regulations in your area. It is best to speak with a local expert to determine the service schedule that is right for you.

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