Servicing and maintenance for commercial wastewater and rainwater projects

Technician finalising the service report on his laptop in his car.

Servicing and maintenance

As the manufacturer, we are best suited to ensure your Premier Tech system runs perfectly and to increase the lifespan of your investment.

We provide service and maintenance for all our products, whether it be a one-off or a servicing contract. When you have your product serviced by our team, we will extend your warranty up to three more years on your electrical and mechanical items.

As you may know, regulations stipulate that all treatment plants must be serviced, so contact us for a free quote.

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Premier Tech Water and Environment technician refurbishing a wastewater treatment system in the UK.


Our services include the refurbishment of existing products, such as the upgrading of mechanical and electrical parts.

By refurbishing your product, we can maximise its lifespan without the need to replace the system.

Please contact us for a free quote or for more information on how our refurbishment services can help you.

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Premier Tech Water and Environment performing a CCTV survey on a commercial drainage and sewer system in the UK.

CCTV surveys

With the aid of cutting-edge equipment and technology, we have the capability to address various drainage faults.

When it comes to tackling blocked drainage and sewer systems, our high-pressure jetting solutions encompass descaling, as well as efficient fat and grease removal.

Additionally, our expertise in utilising root cutting equipment enables us to clear any root ingress within the drainage network before thoroughly jetting the entire system, ensuring a complete and effective resolution.

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Premier Tech Water and Environment wastewater treatment parts and accessories in a warehouse in the UK.

Replacement parts

We provide replacement parts for all our commercial products.

Contact our team if you need a survey to establish which parts you may need, or to order a specific part.

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