Replacement parts for septic systems and rainwater harvesters

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Customise or repair your tank with confidence when you choose our premium replacement parts. Our carefully selected offerings strike the perfect balance between performance and durability. The result is not just products that work today, it is solutions that stand the test of time. For our comprehensive range, contact us today.


Drivable covers

Drivable covers


Accessories septic tank lids

Round access lids


Accessories septic tank biofilter lids

Ecoflo lids


GRP extension shaft

GRP extension shafts


Accessories tipping buckets

Ecoflo tipping buckets

Accessories distribution plates

Ecoflo distribution plates


Rewatec Solido SMART extension shaft


Rewatec NEO filter shaft

NEO filter


Pedrollo drainage pump

Pedrollo effluent pumps


Solar alarm

Solar alarms






Rainwater falling on a concrete surface.

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