Silage tanks

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What is a silage tank?

A silage tank is a sealed, single-chambered tank that temporarily stores silage effluent. It is most often used in areas with impermeable soil, where waste cannot be discharged into the ground.

Silage effluent can be up to 250 times more polluting than domestic sewage. If surface runoff carries it into a watercourse, the consequences for aquatic ecosystems can be dire.

Our granular or concrete installation designs offer a reliable solution. Featuring a glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) tank, our corrosion-resistant models have an internal protective liner that keeps silage effluent safely on site until it can be removed by a professional.

Where are our silage tanks used?

The Calona silage tank is most often a solution for:

  • farms
  • ranches
  • stables
  • stockyards

How do our silage tanks work?

Silage effluent runs into a main drainage pipe that flows into the underground silage tank.

The silage tank does not process or treat waste. It has no outlet or partition walls. Its only job is to store silage effluent until it can be removed by a professional and transported for safe disposal.

Inside the silage tank, a high-level float can be connected to an alarm that activates when the tank is almost full. This warning system prevents over-filling that could result in a backup and damage to the surrounding environment.

Silage tank maintenance

Protect your property and the environment by having your Calona silage tank regularly pumped by a qualified service professional.

The frequency of service depends on the capacity of your tank, the amount of effluent you generate, and the environmental regulations in your area. It is best to speak with a local expert to determine the service schedule that is right for you.

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