Potable water storage tanks

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Rewatec potable water tank with storage capacities from 1,000 litres (250 gallons) to 250,000 litres (66,000 gallons).
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24/7 access to fresh drinkable water.  
Reduces your draw on mains water. 
Limits the damaging effects of runoff. 

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Built to last

Leak-proof design 
Robust and durable GRP shells 
Ribbed sidewalls for added strength

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Tailored solutions

Pre-engineered or bespoke designs. 
Above or below ground installations. 
Quiet operation. 

What is a potable water storage tank?

Potable water tanks are for the safe storage of drinking water. They require specific internal liners that ensure the purity of the contents.

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From small capacity tanks - ideal for domestic use, to large commercial sized tanks, our robust range of long-lasting, potable water tanks are the perfect solution to help conserve our water resources and reduce your water bills.

Where are our potable water storage tanks used?

The Rewatec potable water storage tank is most often a solution for:

  • homes
  • gardens
  • offices
  • industrial sites
  • schools
  • commercial sites

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