Unidirectional aeration systems

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Easy installation

Simple to mount

Just one wire to connect

No operational disruptions

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Savvy design

No blowers or costly infrastructure

High oxygen transfer rates

Heating element for cold weather

Unidirectional aeration systems septic system superior versatility
Superior versatility

Mounted and floating models

Adjustable jet inclination

Pumps from 6.5 to 24 hp

What is a unidirectional aerator?

A unidirectional aerator is a wastewater mixing and aeration solution for sequencing batch reactors (SBRs), sludge storage tanks, and aerated basins and lagoons.

Ecoprocess unidirectional aerators (formerly known as Oxijet) are submersible jet systems that reliably deliver oxygen to wastewater in all seasons. Our design uses no blowers, giving you superior – and silent – performance without the high cost of installing and operating a traditional system.

Our unidirectional aerators have none of the hassles of traditional systems. That means no piping to install, no costly blowers, and no wasted space to house and protect added equipment.


  • aerated basins and lagoons
  • sequencing batch reactors
  • sludge management tanks
  • stabilization ponds
  • upgrades to faulty aeration systems

How do our unidirectional aerators work?

Ecoprocess unidirectional aerators include a unique venturi assembly that plays a central role in their operation.

When the system’s submersible jet pump shoots wastewater through the venturi assembly, it creates an area of low pressure around the nozzle inlet. This pressure differential forces air above the surface to be drawn in through an inlet pipe.

As wastewater exits the venturi assembly, its pressure increases to match the pressure inside the system’s diffuser pipe.

Wastewater in the diffuser pipe mixes with aspirated air. This mixture is then powerfully ejected as a jet of fine air bubbles, effectively aerating and mixing a wide area.

1-year warranty

Our 1-year warranty for unidirectional aeration systems includes all:

  • original parts
  • replacement parts

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Available models

We offer a range of aerator mounting options to give you superior flexibility in the field. Whatever the configuration of your project, we have the personalized solution to meet your needs.

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