Peripherals and accessories

Personalize or refurbish your septic system with our range of high-quality peripherals and accessories. Whatever your needs, wherever your site, we have the proven designs and field-tested reliability you need to make your project a success.

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Our most popular septic system parts

Customize or repair your septic system with confidence when you choose our premium peripherals and accessories. Our carefully selected offerings strike the perfect balance between performance and durability. The result is not just products that work today. It is solutions that stand the test of time.

Accessoriesseptic tank risers

6” to 14”


Accessories septic tank lids

Round access lids


Accessories septic tank biofilter lids

Ecoflo biofilter lids


Accessories carbon air filters

Carbon air filters
Up to 1.1 lb of activated carbon


Accessories tipping buckets

Tipping buckets 
For all Ecoflo models


Accessories distribution plates

Distribution plates
For all Ecoflo models


Accessories effluent filter

Polylok™ effluent filters
For flows up to 10,000 US gal per day


Accessories effluent pump

Effluent pumps
Up to 0.5 hp


Accessories carbon floats

On/off, alarm, and control floats


Accessories carbon alarm boxes

Alarm boxes
With 9V battery backup


Accessories dosing control units

Dosing control units
Alarm and totalizer included


Accessories electrical junction boxes

Electrical junction boxes
Watertight connectors included


Peripherics and accessories flow dividers

Flow dividers
Up to 10 outlets


Accessories low pressure distribution system

Low-pressure distribution systems
All parts and accessories included


Accessories Q4

Quick4® infiltration chambers



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