What happened to the Rewatec SBR and Ecoprocess floating decanter?

Rewatec SBR system for a large-scale municipal wastewater treatment project in the United States.

As of January 1, 2023, Premier Tech Water and Environment no longer includes the Rewatec sequencing batch reactor (SBR) or Ecoprocess floating decanter as part of our range of products.

We proudly offered the Rewatec SBR for commercial and municipal wastewater treatment projects with flows up to 25 mgd. Now, because this solution no longer reflects our main market demands, we have made the decision to discontinue it.

We have also discontinued the Ecoprocess floating decanter — a component that processed wastewater in our SBR systems.

Current SBR service contracts

We will honor all current service contracts for our SBR systems in the field. However, please be aware that we will not renew these contracts after their end date.

Alternatives to the Rewatec SBR

We will continue to offer wastewater treatment solutions for businesses and communities.

Our range of available technologies includes:

Need more info?

If you have questions about how these changes affect your Rewatec SBR installation, or your next wastewater treatment project, reach out to our team for fast, free support. 

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