Potable water tanks

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Rewatec potable water tank with storage capacities from 1,000 litres (250 gallons) to 250,000 litres (66,000 gallons).

What is a potable water tank?

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Potable water tanks are WRAS approved systems that are specifically designed for the safe storage of drinking water. They require specific internal liners that ensure the purity of the contents. 

From small capacity tanks starting at 1,000 L, to large commercial sized tanks up to 250,000 L, our robust range of long-lasting potable water tanks, are the perfect solution to help conserve our water resources and reduce your water bills.

Example applications

  • homes
  • gardens
  • offices
  • industrial sites
  • schools
  • commercial sites

If you would like to conserve water for non-potable uses, please visit our rainwater harvester page for a solution which meets your needs.

How does a potable water storage tank work?

Manufactured from robust GRP, potable water tanks store clean water until there is demand for it generated by a single dwelling or a commercial business. When you need access to water, whether it be for drinking or bathing for example, our potable water storage tanks will provide you with instant and clean water.

Our Rewatec potable water tanks can be installed above ground or below ground and all sizes conform to WRAS (Water Regulations Approval Scheme) standards and regulations for the safe storage of drinking water.

The average person in the UK uses approximately 142 L of water daily. This water is treated and distributed by expensive municipal systems, and yet only a small fraction of it is used for appliances that actually require potable water.


The scale of water waste is huge - and so is the opportunity it gives us to conserve our precious drinking water supplies.

Potable water tank maintenance

We have a network of local service partners to maximise the life of your Rewatec potable water tank and to provide years of reliable operation.

Our potable water tank warranty

For over 50 years, we have proudly developed sustainable and long-lasting products that make a real difference for our customers, our professional partners, and, above all, our planet.

Our experience in the industry allows us to give you a complete 25 year warranty for our potable water storage tanks. This includes the GRP structure of the tank, including internal GRP parts and fittings supplied for installation.

Rewatec 25 years warranty


Training programmes

​​​​At Premier Tech we provide a full range of training programmes to fully meet the requirements of our professional partners. If you require product functionality guidance or a more detailed training course for the installation of our potable water tanks, we can provide a solution to meet your needs.

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