Washdown separators

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What is a washdown separator?

A washdown separator is a specially designed underground tank that removes silt and other debris from water runoff in car washes, pressure-washing stations, and facilities for cleaning heavy vehicles.

We manufacture the Rewatec washdown separator from robust glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) that minimizes system weight while still offering exceptional strength.

Our proven tanks resist rot and corrosion to provide years of service in the field.

Rewatec washdown separator being installed on site


We offer single-chamber and multi-chamber systems with capacities of up to 10,000 L.

Where are our washdown separators used?

The Rewatec washdown separator is most often a solution for:

  • car washes
  • pressure-washing facilities
  • transportation depots
  • car and truck dealerships
  • farming equipment dealerships
  • tool-hire depots

How do our washdown separators work?

Solids separation

The washdown separator fills with contaminated water. Silt, dirt, dust, and other sediment settles at the bottom of the tank and remains there until the tank is emptied.

When needed, a silt trap can be installed upstream to limit potential blockages, damage, or system flooding.

Hydrocarbon separation

Hydrocarbons and low-density liquids float to the surface of the tank. They remain there until the tank is emptied.

Rewatec Washdown Separators

Final discharge

When clarified water reaches the outlet pipe, it safely leaves the separator and continues to the drainage system.

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