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Join us in the movement to make the world a better, more sustainable place. Protect your property and the environment by choosing Ecoflo, the most eco-responsible wastewater treatment system available.

Ecoflo - sustainable wastewater treatment plant

What is Ecoflo?

Ecoflo is a sustainable wastewater treatment system that has been vastly improving the quality of wastewater effluent in Ireland for over 25 years. 

Natural, organic and exceptionally reliable, Ecoflo is a revolutionary wastewater treatment system which incorporates a patented coconut husk fragment-based filtering media; a rehabilitated and natural organic material which treats the wastewater using no energy. 

It is designed for standard residential properties, small commercial buildings, and due to its ability to cope with periods of no use, is ideal for holiday homes and rental properties. 

Ecoflo conforms to EN12566-3 for secondary treatment and EN12566-6 for use after septic tanks that are in compliance with S.R. 66:2015. Ecoflo also complies with EN12566-7 for tertiary treatment and is in compliance with S.R. 66:2015.

Example applications

  • residential properties  
  • national parks
  • local authority parks
  • leisure and holiday parks 
  • holiday homes 
  • visitor centres
  • zoo's and animal enclosures
  • sports centres
  • golf courses
  • office buildings 

Why is Ecoflo sustainable?

Coconut husk fragments life cycle

By transforming coconut husk fragments into a filtering media, we give second life to a valuable resource and ensure that no part of the coconut tree's bounty is wasted. 

Due to the nature of the coconut husk filtering media, the all natural product we create is not only renewable but also fully compostable after its years of treating wastewater are over.

Lowest carbon footprint

From production and shipping, to installation, maintenance and usage, Ecoflo has the lowest carbon footprint of any product in the market.

How does Ecoflo work?

By removing suspended solids and other pollutants in wastewater effluent to an even higher standard, Ecoflo can further prevent water and groundwater pollution in Ireland. This in turn can reduce water scarcity and tainted drinking water, limit the environmental impact on rivers, lakes, and their habitants and ultimately, protect our planet.

Step 1 - wastewater inflow

Wastewater effluent flows from your sewage treatment plant or septic tank into Ecoflo for additional treatment.

Step 2 - non-mechanical tipping bucket 

Inside Ecoflo, wastewater is scattered across perforated distribution plates before falling across the coconut filter.

Step 3 - coco filter

This filter is the heart of Ecoflo. It creates a physical treatment barrier that cleans the effluent to an even higher standard.

Step 4 - final discharge

After percolating through the all-natural filter, water is then directly discharged to either a correctly sized stonebed, or to an off-set stone bed. 

Ecoflo maintenance

We can provide a range of services to maximise the life of your Ecoflo treatment system and to provide years of reliable operation.

Large Ecoflo for tertiary wastewater treatment

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Our Ecoflo warranty 

For over 50 years, we have proudly developed sustainable and long-lasting products that make a real difference for our customers, our professional partners, and, above all, our planet.

Our experience in the industry allows us to give you a complete warranty for our wastewater treatment systems. 

Our Ecoflo warranty includes: 

  • 10-year shell and construction
Ecoflo 10 year warranty


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Available products

We offer a complete range of Ecoflo systems to meet your needs. Wherever your site, whatever the regulations, we have the right product to transform any challenge into a tailor-made solution.

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