Design services for commercial wastewater treatment and rainwater projects

Technician racking sludge from a sewage treatment plant in the UK.

Site surveys

A septic tank survey entails a comprehensive assessment involving an initial visual inspection followed by a thorough examination of the tank and its associated pipework.

Typically, this assessment necessitates the emptying of the tank. In many instances, advanced CCTV technology is employed to inspect the pipework in detail.

We will complete a site survey to ensure we provide the solution your property needs.

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How to carry out a percolation test

Percolation tests

A percolation test is an essential assessment to determine whether a property's soil is suitable for installing a soakaway system or drainage field.

A soakaway system is designed to manage surface water or wastewater by allowing it to percolate into the ground.

We will complete a percolation test to ensure we provide the solution your property needs.

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Drainage designs

The detailed drainage design is a crucial step in the Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) planning process. It represents the final stage where the conceptual SuDS strategy, proposed earlier as part of the drainage strategy, is further developed into engineering drawings and plans.

The purpose of the detailed drainage design is to provide comprehensive information to the local authority's drainage officer about the surface water drainage system that will be implemented on the site.

It outlines the specific requirements and technical details of the SuDS scheme, ensuring that it aligns with the overall SuDS strategy and meets local regulations and standards.

We will complete a drainage design and ensure we provide the solution your property needs.

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Drainage consultancy with a Premier Tech technician in the United Kingdom.


When collaborating with planning and environmental agencies and building control authorities, we extend an offer of a complementary consultation.

During this session, we are committed to providing you with guidance, support, and, if needed, representing your interests to ensure that you obtain the necessary permits and accurately complete your applications.

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Rewatec bypass separators

Product selection

Once we have completed a drainage design, we advise you on the best Premier Tech solution for your property.

Don’t worry if you already have a drainage design for a product that does not come from Premier Tech. If you would like to work with us, we can provide an alternative solution to meet your requirements.

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