Floating decanters

Ecoprocess R blanc

What is a floating decanter?

A floating decanter is a hydraulic system that drains wastewater from the surface of basins and tanks in commercial, municipal, and industrial treatment projects.

The Ecoprocess floating decanter (formerly known as SwingCanter and PumpCanter) is available in sizes up to 50 cm and features a flexible and durable design that prevents corrosion and breakage.

Each unit has systems to control scum and exclude solids, giving you maintenance-free performance that lasts for years.

Where are our floating decanters used?

The Ecoprocess floating decanter is most often a solution for:

How do our floating decanters work?

The Ecoprocess floating decanter has three main components:

  • floating head assembly
  • discharging arm
  • knee joint connecting the system to a wall

The head assembly floats near the surface of the basin or tank, moving up and down with changing wastewater levels.

When the automated decant valve outside the basin or tank opens, differential pressure forces wastewater into decanting holes in the head assembly. This wastewater then flows down the discharging arm toward the knee joint (sometimes referred to as a flexible elbow).

The knee joint is connected to a wall outlet that directs decanted wastewater downstream.

The head assembly draws wastewater from just below the surface to keep scum and foam out of the decanter. The decanting holes also have a unique closing function to prevent sludge and other solids from entering the system, even during aeration and mixing processes.

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