Fine bubble tube diffusers

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What is a fine bubble diffuser?

A fine bubble diffuser is an areation solution for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment projects. It is ideally suited to the activated sludge processes used by SBR, MBBR, and MBR systems, as well as extended aeration processes.

The Ecoprocess fine bubble tube diffuser is the solution of choice for projects with limited budgets because it saves energy through highly efficient aeration and oxygen transfer.

The advantages of the Ecoprocess fine bubble tube diffuser include:

  • durable EPDM or PU construction
  • high-capacity membranes for maximum airflow
  • low operating pressure
  • no pressure loss at the end of the diffuser
  • versatile connection options
Ecoprocess fine bubble tube diffuser from Premier Tech Water and Environment.


Premier Tech Water and Environment's fine bubble tube diffuser provides a throughput rate of up to 24 m3/h and a SOTE* of up to 7%.

* Standard oxygen transfer efficiency (SOTE) is the percentage of oxygen dissolved in wastewater versus the amount of oxygen injected into an aeration system.


Where are our fine bubble diffusers used?

Premier Tech Water and Environment's fine bubble tube diffuser is most often a solution for:

  • municipal treatment plants
  • commercial and community treatment plants (hotels, real estate developments, etc.)
  • industrial treatment plants
  • effluent treatment plants

How do our fine bubble diffusers work?

Introduction of air

Diffusion tubes are strategically installed at the bottom of the basin to ensure air is evenly distributed. A centralised air supply continuously or intermittently forces air through these tubes, depending on the treatment plant's needs.


The diffusion tubes have slots. Air is forced through these slots, creating small bubbles (1 to 3 mm in diameter) that are evenly distributed in wastewater. Even distribution is critical because it maintains uniform oxygen levels and promotes consistent biological activity throughout the basin.

Oxygen transfer

Fine bubbles rise more slowly and cover more surface area than larger bubbles from coarse bubble diffusers. That means air and wastewater combine for a longer period of time, and more oxygen is dispersed throughout the basin. Dispersed oxygen feeds aerobic bacteria and other microorganisms, helping them break down organic pollutants more quickly.

Wastewater mixing

Fine bubble aeration does more than just feed microorganisms. It also mixes wastewater and keeps solids suspended. Effective mixing minimises the buildup of sludge, prevents the formation of stagnant zones, and ensures that all areas of the basin receive adequate oxygen for biological treatment.

What is our guarantee for fine bubble diffusers?

Premier Tech Water and Environment has a 1-year warranty for fine bubble tube diffusers, which includes all:

  • original parts
  • replacement parts
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