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What is an SBR decanter?

A decanter is a processing component in a commercial or municipal sequencing batch reactor (SBR). It removes clarified wastewater from the system's basin during the decant phase of the operational cycle.

Premier Tech Water and Environment's decanters bring performance and versatility to any project. Thanks to our wide range of models, our solutions can be adapted to virtually any SBR. We offer:

  • floating decanters (formerly known as SwingCanter)
  • pump decanters (formerly known as PumpCanter)
  • mechanical decanters

Our decanters use flexible and durable stainless steel to prevent corrosion and breakage. With our intelligent design, all models control scum and exclude solids, even during power failures. The result is reliable, low-maintenance performance that lasts for years.

Our decanters are time-tested solutions, backed by our 25 years of global experience in the wastewater treatment industry.


How do our SBR decanters work?

Premier Tech Water and Environment offers three types of SBR decanters:

Floating wastewater decanters

The Ecoprocess floating decanter has a floating head assembly, a discharging arm, and a knee joint that connects the system to the basin wall.

The head assembly floats near the surface, moving up and down with changing wastewater levels.

When the automated decant valve outside the basin opens, differential pressure forces wastewater into decanting holes in the head assembly.

Wastewater then flows down the discharging arm toward the knee joint. The knee joint is connected to a wall outlet that directs decanted wastewater downstream.

Pump wastewater decanters

The Ecoprocess pump decanter is a floating decanter with a submersible pump, a sludge sensor, and a float.

The sludge sensor is a monitoring device that prevents the unexpected inflow of sludge or other sediment. This ensures that the pump discharges only supernatant liquid. When the pump is not in operation, the buoyancy of a check ball in the intake closes the suction opening. This prevents the inflow of floating sludge into the suction casing.

Mechanical wastewater decanters

The Ecoprocess mechanical decanter is installed on the basin wall. A pedestal supports one end of the decanter and an effluent collection system supports the other.

The decanter remains above the top water level during aeration and settling phases. In this position, it provides fail-safe overflow protection in the event of a power failure. During these emergency periods, settled supernatant (liquid removed from settling sludge) flows over the decanter weir into the effluent collection system. A scum guard prevents any floating materials from passing downstream.

During the decant phase, an electro-mechanical actuator lowers and raises the decanter. When the decanter reaches the bottom water level, it pauses for a few minutes to completely discharge effluent over the weir. The decanter then returns to its original position, where it remains until the start of the next decant phase.

As part of its intelligent design, the Ecoprocess mechanical decanter draws wastewater only from the uppermost basin levels. This prevents settling solids from being disrupted.

What is our guarantee for SBR decanters?

Premier Tech Water and Environment has a 1-year warranty for floating, pump, and mechanical decanters, which includes all:

  • original parts
  • replacement parts
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