Moving bed biofilm reactors (MBBR)

What is a moving bed biofilm reactor?

A moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) is the ideal solution for commercial, community, institutional, municipal, and industrial wastewater treatment projects with continuous fluctuations in flow and strength.

Premier Tech Water and Environment's MBBR systems are suitable for flows of up to 20,000 m3 per day. They manage domestic and high organic loads in all seasons, reducing soluble CBOD5 by up to 99% and NH4 by at least 94%.

Our MBBR systems offer unique advantages over other wastewater treatment systems:

  • high efficiency reduces operating costs
  • designs adapted to your unique needs
  • components suited to your terrain
  • more compact than traditional systems
  • blends into your landscaping

Where are our MBBR systems used?

Premier Tech Water and Environment's MBBR systems are most often a solution for:

  • municipal and industrial projects
  • residential developments
  • restaurants and gas stations
  • wineries and microbreweries
  • hotels and inns
  • campgrounds and parks
  • food processing plants
  • retrofits with existing infrastructure

How do our MBBR systems work?

Primary treatment tank or fine screen

In typical installations, wastewater first flows into a primary treatment tank that allows liquids to separate from solids. Primary sludge that settles on the bottom of the tank is removed by a septic pumper as often as needed.

In some systems, a fine screen is used instead of a primary treatment tank. This simple barrier removes wastewater solids before they can move downstream.

Equalisation tank (if needed)

After primary treatment, liquids move downstream and enter an equalisation tank. This tank collects wastewater from daily peak-use periods and then sends controlled doses to the MBBR.


Patented plastic media inside Premier Tech Water and Environment's moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR).

Inside the MBBR, microorganisms grow on floating biofilm carriers. They feed on organic wastewater pollutants, producing effluent composed of biomass particles and treated wastewater.

Our plastic biofilm carriers are specially shaped to increase the surface area on which microorganisms grow. This maximises their ability to treat wastewater and helps you minimise the size of the reactor.

Bubbles continuously mix the contents of the MBBR to ensure optimal contact between wastewater and microorganisms. Again, this improves their ability to remove wastewater pollutants.

Clarification tank and final discharge

After treatment in the MBBR, wastewater flows into a clarification tank, where liquids are separated from biomass.

Sludge is sent back to the primary treatment tank or a sludge storage tank. Liquids are sent downstream for additional treatment or for safe discharge into the environment.

360° support for MBBR projects

Local expertise is the cornerstone of Premier Tech Water and Environment's global team. Together, we have the technical understanding and industry experience to guide every phase of your MBBR project.


  • engineering support to guarantee the best solution
  • help with technical drawings and diagrams
  • advice for electromechanical equipment
  • control panel design, including electrical diagrams

Construction and installation

  • dedicated project managers
  • fast answers to all questions
  • on-site support to ensure high-quality installations
  • real-time troubleshooting


  • commissioning by a qualified technician
  • verification of installation success
  • rapid responses to any areas of concern


  • full support from our process and mechanical experts
  • maintenance services from local technicians
  • remote support available
Silver waterfall near river.

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