Rotating disc filters for microfiltration

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Purify contaminated water with our rotating disc filter, the ideal solution when superior performance and low power consumption matter most.

What is a rotating disc filter?

A rotating disc filter allows contaminated water to flow through discs made of tightly woven pile cloth. The discs capture suspended solids and other impurities in the influent stream and release clean water.

Premier Tech Water and Environment's rotating disc filter is the solution of choice for commercial and municipal applications, including wastewater microfiltration.

Suitable for up to 300,000 m3/d, our fully submerged system offers high efficiency with minimal power requirements.

Other advantages of our rotating disc filter include:

  • compact design
  • pore size up to 5 microns
  • no down time
  • no pressure pumps
  • easy maintenance
  • no cleaning chemicals required

Our range of rotating disc filters includes concrete, metal, and container options. All models are modular, giving you full freedom to tailor your system to your evolving needs.

Overhead view of Premier Tech Water and Environment's rotating disc filter for microfiltration.


Where are our rotating disc filters used?

Premier Tech Water and Environment's rotating disc filter for microfiltration is most often a solution for:

  • primary wastewater treatment
  • tertiary or advanced wastewater treatment
  • industrial sewage treatment
  • recycled and reused water
  • circulating water to cool factories
  • stormwater

How do our rotating disc filters work?

Premier Tech Water and Environment's rotating disc filter is a fully submerged outside-to-inside system.

Filtration and discharge

After water has been treated by upstream processes, it flows into the basin or tank containing the disc filter system.

At this stage, the system's central drum and discs do not rotate. Differential pressure forces water across the submerged filter cloths on the discs. Suspended solids (TSS) and other particles accumulate on the outside of the cloths.

As filtered water permeates through the discs, it collects in the central drum before being discharged downstream.


Depending on the configuration of the system, the backwash process can be scheduled based on time, the water level, or both.

After a predetermined time, or after the water level reaches a specified limit, the system triggers a backwash cycle.

The system's motor and chain sprocket slowly rotate the central drum and part of the system goes into backwash mode. Vacuum pressure helps to remove accumulated solids from the cloth using a backwash shoe. A sludge suction pump then removes these solids from the system.

Filtration is not interrupted during backwash and very low water volume is required to complete the process.

Solids wasting

Our rotating disc filter system is engineered to intermittently remove heavier solids that sink to the bottom of the basin or tank. These solids can be pumped back to the primary treatment tank or a sludge holding tank.

360° support for disc filter projects

Local expertise is the cornerstone of Premier Tech Water and Environment's global team. Together, we have the technical understanding and industry experience to guide every phase of your microfiltration project.


  • engineering support to guarantee the best solution
  • help with technical drawings and diagrams
  • advice for electromechanical equipment
  • control panel design, including electrical diagrams

Construction and installation

  • dedicated project managers
  • fast answers to all questions
  • on-site support to ensure high-quality installations
  • real-time troubleshooting


  • commissioning by a qualified technician
  • verification of installation success
  • rapid responses to any areas of concern

Operation and maintenance

  • full support from our process and mechanical experts
  • maintenance services from local technicians
  • remote support available
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