Sequencing batch reactors (SBR)

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What is a sequencing batch reactor?

A sequencing batch reactor (SBR) treats wastewater in optimised batches using tried and tested biological processes. It is ideal for commercial, municipal, and industrial projects striving for high performance without high energy consumption.

Our Ecoprocess SBR delivers exceptional reliability and efficiency. It minimises operating costs by combining the advantages of batch and continuous flow approaches.

Easy to maintain and modify, our versatile technology provides stable performance despite flow variations and complies with the most stringent discharge standards.

Where are our SBR systems used?

Premier Tech Water and Environment's SBR system is most often a solution for:

  • municipal and industrial treatment plants
  • leachate treatment for landfills and technical landfills
  • agri-food processing plants
  • residential developments
  • upgrades to faulty systems

How do our SBR systems work?

Aeration cycles

Inside our SBR systems, intermittent aeration cycles break down solids and provide oxygen to microorganisms that feed on organic wastewater pollutants.

Rest phase

After aeration, remaining solids — including microorganisms — sink to the bottom of the tank. Some remain inside the tank to treat the next batch of wastewater. They are what is known as activated sludge. Remaining solids are extracted and returned to the primary treatment tank or a sludge storage tank.

During periods of very high flow, the system can shift from a batch-flow strategy to a continuous-flow strategy with intermittent discharge. This versatility eliminates the need to over-design the system to cope with fluctuating flow rates, and it has no effect on treatment performance.

Receiving system and final discharge

As solids settle on the bottom of the SBR, treated wastewater forms at the surface. An SBR decanter with a solids-exclusion feature drains this wastewater so that it can be safely released into the environment.

360° support for SBR projects

Local expertise is the cornerstone of Premier Tech Water and Environment's global team. Together, we have the technical understanding and industry experience to guide every phase of your SBR project.


  • engineering support to guarantee the best solution
  • help with technical drawings and diagrams
  • advice for electromechanical equipment
  • control panel design, including electrical diagrams

Construction and installation

  • dedicated project managers
  • fast answers to all questions
  • on-site support to ensure high-quality installations
  • real-time troubleshooting


  • commissioning by a qualified technician
  • verification of installation success
  • rapid responses to any areas of concern

Operation and maintenance

  • full support from our process and mechanical experts
  • maintenance services from local technicians
  • remote support available
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