Coarse bubble diffusers

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Our clog-free coarse bubble diffuser mixes and aerates wastewater with high concentrations of solids. It is the ideal choice for sludge storage tanks and activated sludge tanks with biofilm carriers.

What is a coarse bubble diffuser?

A coarse bubble diffuser is a mixing and aeration system for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment projects. It is ideally suited to the activated sludge processes used by MBBR and SBR systems.

Designed for solids concentrations of up to 8%, the Ecoprocess coarse bubble diffuser (formerly known as AirOmega) reliably transfers oxygen and mixes wastewater by generating powerful cross-flow currents.

All models are made with stainless steel and an open-bottom design that automatically flushes away solids. The result is enhanced fouling resistance and clog-free performance you can trust in all seasons.

Where are our coarse bubble diffusers used?

The Ecoprocess coarse bubble diffuser is most often a solution for:

  • municipal treatment plants
  • agri-food processing plants
  • pulp and paper mills
  • breweries and wineries
  • dairies

How do our coarse bubble diffusers work?

A centralized air supply forces air through pipes fixed to the bottom of the basin. This air enters the rectangular chamber that houses each coarse bubble diffuser, then exits the unit through rows of calibrated orifices.

The vertical power of diffused air generates cross-flow currents that effectively break down organic material and keep solids in suspension so they do not form unwanted sludge.

To ensure high performance, each diffuser uses our open-bottom design to constantly flush away solids. This simple but important feature prevents fouling and eliminates the need for diffuser maintenance.

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