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Premier Tech Water and Environment protects our planet with sustainable local solutions that treat wastewater, manage rainwater, store liquids, and recycle solid waste.

In India, our focus is wastewater treatment and organic waste recycling. We specialise in providing technologies for municipal applications and integrating systems for on-site and decentralised projects.

Our local presence includes more than 200 team members with expertise in all areas of our industry. As part of our global team of 1,500, we share a passion for making green technologies accessible and for continuously innovating products and services that last.

We are Premier Tech Water and Environment, People and Technologies making a difference to feed, protect, and improve our world since 1995.

premier tech 100 beyond

Premier Tech is celebrating 100 years, and beyond

Together, we move forward — then, now, and always. Cherishing our traditions, celebrating team wins, and taking pride in our century-young legacy. Here’s to the next 100 years of us, of Premier Tech.

Flow of treated municipal wastewater, made possible by technologies from Premier Tech Water and Environment in India.

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