Below ground storage tanks

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Simple robust solution

Braced GRP tanks.  
Built to last. 
Low maintenance with no moving parts. 

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Standard or bespoke solutions

Tanks to meet your exact requirements

Capacities up to 250,000 L

Colour options to suit your environment

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Versatile designs

Condition specific liners. 
Suitable for a wide range of liquids and wastes.

What is a below ground storage tank?

Our below ground GRP storage tanks can be built to satisfy all requirements.  

Suitable for waste, fuel, sewage, food, chemicals, rainwater, alcohol, fertiliser and more, our below ground storage tanks are ideal for where site conditions allow for a sub-terranean installation. 

Our below ground storage tanks can also be provided with a range of liners to suit different contents at different temperatures. 

Installation of a Calona underground storage tank.


Example applications 

  • commercial 
  • industrial 
  • agricultural 
  • farming 
  • biological 
  • chemical 

How do below ground storage tanks work?

Our in-house design and engineering experts can provide you with pre-designed or purpose built below ground storage tanks that are fully compliant with BS4994:1987. 

Our manufacturing process also means we can customise your product, constructing wall thickness to suit the contents you wish to store, as well as temperature adherence. 

A range of customisation options allows you to specify access points, instrumentation, valves, inhibitors and more, to fully benefit from a truly bespoke system. 

Below ground storage tank maintenance

Protect your investment in your below ground storage tank by having it regularly inspected by Premier Tech. 

The frequency of service depends on the size of your tank, the type and amount of liquid stored, and the environmental regulations in your area. It is best to speak with us to determine servicing that is right for you.

We stand by our products

For over 50 years, we have proudly developed sustainable and long-lasting products that make a real difference for our customers, our professional partners, and, above all, our planet. 

Our experience in the industry allows us to give you a complete 20-year warranty for our above ground storage tanks. 

Calona 20 year warranty


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Available products

We offer a complete range of Calona below ground storage tanks to meet all of your needs. This also includes the manufacture of bespoke solutions, if required. 


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