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Our Pro Space (formerly PTzone) is built to support our community of designers, engineers, installers, contractors, and other industry professionals.

The platform offers easy access to our technical drawings, design and installation guides, how-to videos, purchase orders, and more. Use it to make your next project a success.

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Professionnel du traitement des eaux usées installant le modèle Pack en polyéthylène de l'installation septique Ecoflo.
A middle-aged man using a laptop in his home to access Premier Tech Water and Environment’s Client Space.

Client Space

Our Client Space is a secure portal that helps our customers manage all their account details in one convenient spot.

Use the portal to make easy online payments and to get instant access to your maintenance reports and invoice history. Plus, information about your system components is now at your fingertips!

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We are 1,300 team members in 12 countries. We protect our planet with sustainable local solutions that treat wastewater, harvest rainwater, manage stormwater, and transform organic waste into valuable resources.

With our local manufacturing facilities, combined with our network of specialized partners, we operate on five continents and are deeply rooted in the communities we serve. Together, we make green technologies accessible and continuously innovate to create solutions that last.

We are Premier Tech Water and Environment, People and Technologies making a difference to feed, protect, and improve our world since 1995.

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