Aboveground storage tanks

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Our aboveground storage tanks offer personalized solutions that safely store a wide range of clean or corrosive liquids.

Calona horizontal aboveground storage tank for fuel, fertilizer, chemicals, and waste.
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Versatile designs

Vertical, horizontal, or bunded

Capacities up to 250,000 L

Liners for any liquid

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Simple and robust

Reinforced GRP tanks

No moving parts

Low maintenance

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Fully customizable

Wall thickness based on your needs

A full range of accessories

Colours to suit your site

What is an aboveground storage tank?

An aboveground storage tank is a sealed tank that stores liquids or waste. It is an ideal solution for sites with challenging conditions, where underground installations are not possible.

This type of storage provides easy access to rainwater. It also keeps hazardous substances like fertilizer, fuel, alcohol, and sewage from contaminating your property and the surrounding environment.

Our range of glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) tanks includes vertical, vertical bunded, and horizontal cylindrical models with capacities up to 250,000 L.

Thanks to our engineering expertise, each tank is fully customizable. We tailor wall thickness and liners to meet local regulations. Then, based on your specifications, we personalize the access points, instrumentation, valves, inhibitors, and even the tank colour to meet your exact needs.

Where are our aboveground storage tanks used?

Calona aboveground storage tanks are most often solutions for:

  • industrial operations
  • farms and ranches
  • stables and stockyards
  • properties inaccessible to fire engines
  • regions with water bans or frequent drought

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